InboundMagic!  Finally! Marketing automation for small business!

Target your customers better

Gather your critical persona-building details and really get to know your visitor. Who exactly are they? Where do they live? What do they like?

Focus your marketing communication

AUTOMATICALLY place your customers in the campaigns that speak directly to what they value. Demonstrate a level of communication that shows you understand and CARE.

Generate more leads!

Build trust while moving your visitors through your sales cycle. Nurture anonymous leads into high-value leads, then act!

Grow your business Automatically!

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What is Marketing Automation and why would I want to do it?

Marketing automation is the act of strategically using software to effectively and efficiently deliver targeted marketing email messages, automatically. It's customer friendly, brand-integrated and always right on time!

What is InboundMagic!

InboundMagic! is LWD's own customer targeting email Marketing System complete with strategy, branding and support. Turn your anonymous visitors into high-value leads! We'll help design your strategy, provide technical support, and guide you through the entire process!

How does the InboundMagic! system work?

Take your anonymous visitor to high-value lead in three easy steps!

1 - Inbound anonymous visitors with your compelling story

YOU are expert in your field. Tell your story to teach people why you're the best. Use blog posts, social media, website posts and good old fashioned advertising to evangelize your message and attract your traffic. Inbound marketing.


2 - Bring repeat visitors into focus by gathering "innocent" details while they browse

Once visitors have come to your site, build a trusting relationship and get to know more about them. The InboundMagic! system uses innocent "persona-clarifying" questions to build a lead profile while leading up to capturing the coveted email address!

3 - Once in focus, add them to the campaigns that match who they are!

Now you have their profile details, AUTOMATICALLY add the new leads to email campaigns tailored JUST FOR THEM. Are they a parent? Do they prefer silver or gold? Can they swim? You'll know the answers to YOUR important questions and you'll deliver the right campaign to the right person at the right time, automatically!


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More Reasons to choose InboundMagic!

  • Lead Scoring

    Assign points to visitor actions and watch your most active users bubble to the top.

  • Fully branded

    Continue your brand's familiar look-and-feel through your website right into their inbox.

  • Full support

    Don't have time,resources or knowledge to build and operate campaigns? We've got you covered.

  • Plays nicely with Mailchimp

    Push all your newly collected leads to your existing email marketing platform if you already have one.

  • Maximum output for minimum effort

    Nowhere else do you get better results than email marketing. Its still the most popular outreach option.

  • Begin with your existing email list

    Use what you have and build on it. Some of your best customers may be the ones you already have.

Frequently asked questions

A few more common answers about how InboundMagic! works

Is this just email marketing?

Its email marketing and much more. Initially, your visitors will be anonymous but even then a profile is created and their actions are tracked. We ask "innocent" questions to gather bits of information with the ultimate goal of receiving an email address. THAT'S when the magic begins. Your leads can be added to campaigns that contain a series of targeted scheduled emails, automatically. Simple email marketing can't compete.

Will this work with my existing website?

It will. We'll need to add a small bit of code to manage the data collection but once complete, you'll have the ability to adjust your communication to fit your needs.

How is this different from Constant Contact or MailChimp?

Constant Contact and MailChimp are well-known email marketing tools. Their shortcoming is that they can't act and react based on the activities your visitor performs on your WEBSITE.

Can InboundMagic! match my brand?

Yes! We take your logo, color scheme and brand messaging to build popups that are seamless with your website. Your visitor will never know its not part of your website.

Can I use Google analyics with InboundMagic! ?

Yes. Google Analytics works alongside InboundMagic! providing a great way to track your aggregate traffic and other critical metrics such as bounce rate. We can help you with this too.

I operate a marketing firm. Will this work for me?

Yes! In fact we have a special program for marketers that would like to brand InboundMagic! for their own clientele. We offer different configurations and differing levels of support. You can find more details about InboundMagic!'s White Label option here.

Some of our customers

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Flexible packages & pricing

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per month
  • JumpStart onboarding fee $299
  • 1K emails monthly
  • 500 active contacts
  • 4 active campaign workflows
  • Security and tech support



per month
  • JumpStart Max onboarding fee $999
  • 100K emails monthly
  • 5000 active contacts
  • 4 active campaign workflows
  • Security and tech support

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